Erics Trip – Im So Near Here tab

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From Mon May 12 12:53:22 1997
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 03:13:28 -0500
From: Stephen Goodal 
Subject: Eric's Trip - I'm So Near Here

		I'm So Near Here - from The Gordon Street Haunting
				by Eric's Trip

	transcription by Stephen Goodal (

Intro			Verse                 		Bridge/Chorus		End
C#5 - G#5 - A - Em   	G#5 - B5 - F#5 - Em	G#5 - E5 - B5 - C#5	G#5 - A - Em - C#5

Intro x2  (first one quieter than the second - you need
                    two distortions or a volume peddal)

Verse x2
It's an experiment for me,
To test the inside of my head.
Distances that I can see,
It's so easy to be dead.
I'm so dead now.

Bridge/Chorus x4

Verse x2
It's all I ever seem to be,
When were alone and I'm in here.
Distances where I can be,
Somewhere far away but near.
I'm so near here.

Bridge/Chorus x4
Near here.

End x2  (end on the Em)

Bass plays root note of all chords

	C#5	G#5	A	Em	B5	E5	F#5
E	x	x	o	o	x	x	x
B	x	x	2	o	x	x	x
G	6	x	2	o	4	9	x
D	6	6	2	2	4	9	4
A	4	6	o	2	2	7	4
E	x	4	x	o	x	x	2

o - play open string
x - don't play string
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