Erik Petersen - Nomads Revolt tab

Here is a second way to play Nomads Revolt, I think it sounds a little better than the 
time I tried tabbing it.

Nomads Revolt by Erik Petersen:


D F# Bm G x3 A


D     Bm           A             D

We go down to throw rocks at the river

      Bm         A

Curses at the parade

G         Bm           A           G

We're just stoning the gears of the clockworks

       A                      D (and so on and so forth)

Try to keep us from acting our age

We swore we'd

carry on like this forever, 'til the free spirits bled.

But now can you believe who's a mother, and that

so-and-so's cut of their dreads...


D F# Bm        G      D F# 
         G      D

      Kill of Columbus    and turn the world around

      F#     Bm         G        A

After all the nomads are settling down


Used to give most the bread to her

landlord leave the crust for the squats.

Now the death weighed as we paid the bankers.

Seemed to kill all the flies in one swat.

Hear the wedding band strike up a number. Dear

they're playing our song. Hold your breath cause

we're gonna go under; get the little ones singing along.



  G   Bm      A               D

No way, not to so-and-so said he'd never change

         G          Bm A

said he'd never grow.

We'd stay always on a role

run besides the trains past the mossy stones.

                F#                     Bm

Now there's more hope than ever and its all fallin'

             G                     A        (play verse chords)

down and the rebels are running for mayor in your hometown.


As the nomads are dropping their anchors. Falling

into the sea. And I've stopped throwing rocks at the

river. Now you'll find me a swimmin up stream. There

is power in unions of ramblers that got nothing to own.

But there's more in one fist swing in mothers swearin,

"my children shall never be sold!"

Chorus a few times

*Outro is the same progression as the intro

Out of the garden we multiply. Telling

our stories. May all the old ways die.

--MiScHiEf BrEw--
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