Erika Jo - I Break Things tab

I Break Things - Erika Jo

**Capo 3rd fret**

Intro:  D       C-G  (x2)

D        C             G
I broke most of Mamaís dishes
    C                   G           D
She banned me from the kitchen when I was a kid
D       C                G
I tore Daddyís truck to pieces
C             G              D
Left it in a heap that no mechanic could fix
You donít believe me I can see you laughiní
But trust me Iím an accident waiting here to happen

Cause I break things
Anything I touch
A                               D
I just get around and then Iím bound to tear Ďem up
Yeah, I make things
Snap and fall apart
   C                                G
So if you wanna hold me boy, youíd better watch your heart
Cause I break things

D       C-G

D            C                 G
You say Iím nothing you canít handle
        C                G          D
Youíre tougher than an anvil, well baby weíll see
D           C             G
Iím like a wrecking ball coming
        C          G            D
Youíre better off running far away from me
Donít get me wrong now baby I adore ya
Itís only right that I give you fair warning


D  A  C  D (x2)

A       D          G
Rain is wet, the desert is dry
            A         D     G
Thatís the way itíll always be
A        D         G
Fire is hot, itís dark at night
     C        G          A
The sun comes up in the east...and

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