Erin Mccarley - Sticky-sweet chords


B1. Here's to who you are to me
2. music in my head of heart-shaped
Bb1. No wishing well could ever bring
2. melodies in red, if this
E D C#1. You celebrate my smile
2. is just the start, I can't wait to hear the end
B1. You color my depressive mood
2. The hours come and go, as we
Bb1. From gray to the most brilliant blue
2. lay wrapped up tight in your silver glow
E D C#1. Shape every tear into a candy sky. (to Prechorus)
2. I've never been this content to be. (to Prechorus) PRECHORUS
G#m BTake me home to your secret
G#m ETake me home to your wild sanctuary.
B Bb E I don't wanna hold off because you're sticky
BYou're sticky sweet on me
Bb E BI don't wanna hold off 'cause I'm inspired by your offbeat dreams
Bb EYou make me never forget how it feels to be that fortunate someone
G#m G E I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna hold off
You're getting to me. (1st time to verse 2, 2nd time to Bridge, 3rd time to Outro) BRIDGE
E E7 Can you hear the angels singing
G#m A#m B D# E While you lay your hands on me?
E7Can you feel the bells are ringing?
G#m A#m B D# E E7 Oh, I surrender all of me, all of me. (to Chorus)
G#m G E I don't wanna, no, I don't wanna, I don't wanna hold off
G#m GYou're getting to me
E (tacet*) I don't wanna hold off, you're sticky sweet.
B Bb E D C#--7-----------6------------0--------2----------4--------|--7-----------6------------0--------3----------6--------|--8-----------7------------1--------2----------6--------|--9-----------8------------2--------0----------6--------|--9-----------8------------2-------------------4--------|--7-----------6------------0----------------------------|
Prechorus Bridge
G#m B E7 A#m D#--4-----------7------------0--------6----------6--------|--4-----------7------------0--------6----------8--------|--4-----------8------------1--------6----------8--------|--6-----------9------------0--------8----------8--------|--6-----------9------------2--------8----------6--------|--4-----------7------------0--------6-------------------|
*tacet = guitar stops playing, vocals only
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