Ernie Halter - Blue Dress chords

I asked Ernie for the chords to this song as I couldn't work them out, and thankfully he 
so I know these are accurate! Wanted to put them on here for anyone else.

Artist: Ernie Halter
Song: Blue Dress
Key: D major

E7#9 can be played as just E7, and D9 can be D7 if you want too.====
INTRO D9 G7 (walkup to) Bb7 (repeat) VERSE D9 G7 D9 G7 E7#9 Bb7 E7#9 G7 A7 CHORUS D9 G7 (walkup to) Bb7 (repeat) Repeat Verse and Chorus BRIDGE G/B C F Bb G/B C F Bb G A CHORUS D9 G7 (walkup to) Bb7 (repeat) OUTRO G Bb7 G Bb7 A7 D9
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