Escape Club – Ill Be There chords

Intro: E-C#m-A-B-E 

E Over mountains over trees
C#m Over oceans, over seas
A B Across the desert
E...I'll be there
E In a whisper on the wind
C#m on the smile of a new friend
A Just think of me
B E... I'll be there
A BDon't be afraid, oh my love
E C#mI'll be watching you from above
A And I'd give all the worlds
B E tonight, to be with you
E A‘Cause I'm on your side,
BAnd I still care
EI may have died,
C#mbut I've gone nowhere
A B Just think of me,
E...And I'll be there
E On the edge of a waking dream
C#m Over rivers, over streams
A B Through wind and rain
E... I'll be there
E Across the wide and open sky
C#m Thousands of miles I'd fly
A to be with you
B E... I'll be there
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge 1
A B Just think of me,
E-C#m-A-B-E And I'll be there
E In the breath of a wind that
C#m Oh, there's no need to cry
A Just think of me,
B E... I'll be there
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge 2
A B Just think of me,
C#m… And I'll be there
(Repeat Bridge 1) (Whispher...) (Repeat Intro 2X & fade)
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