Escape The Fate - Prepare Your Weapon tab version 1

Prepare Your Weapon ~SOLO~
Tabbed by RC
*Note that this is in DROP C... play accordingly if in other tunings :)*

Cover Here:

D|-----------|-------------|--------------|--------------|-----------|--A|--14p10p7--|-------------|--------------|--------------|-----------|--F|-----------|--14\13p9p6--|--13/14p11p7--|--13/14p10p6--|--13p10p9--|--C|-----------|-------------|--------------|--------------|-----------|--G|-----------|-------------|--------------|--------------|-----------|--C|-----------|-------------|--------------|--------------|-----------|-- [x8] [x8] [x8] [x4] [x4]
'14' and '13's are ALL tapped with right hand... watch the cover =] have fun!
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