Escape The Fate – The Day I Left The Womb chords ver. 2

AmMother Where are You Today?
C You Took a piece of me the day you went away
AmNo reccolection no smell of perfume
C I took the piece of you the day i left the womb
AmBrother put you neddles down
Cthe best things for is to leave this awful town.
AmPretty soon, you'll had kids to feed
C G If you see mother, Tell her i can sing
AmPlease Don't Worry, i am doing fine
CYou're to busy to even find the time
FSo use your chemicals and take this to you grave
Gthe boys you left are men you didn't raise
AmAnd Daddy How are you today?
Cyou Must proud of the boys that you have raised
FYou withered hearts, and evrything it see
GYour Guts and callisses, You had kids To Feed
You Had Kids to feed Refrain
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