Escape The Fate - Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliche tab

Escape The Fate
"Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliche"
Dying Is Your Latest Fashion
Tabbed by: Michael Corigliano ( <-- My band, check us 

Played in Drop-C tuning (C G C F A D) - This is the ACTUAL tuning they play pretty much 
of their songs in

(Drop-D one whole step down)

E (1) string- One whole step down
B (2) string- One whole step down
G (3) string- One whole step down
D (4) string- One whole step down
A (5) string- One whole step down
E (6) string- Two whole steps down

. = Palm Mute
* = Harmonic
b = Bend
h = Hammer-on
p = Pull-off
/ = Slide up
\ = Slide down
~ = Vibrato
( ) = Optional note/Ghost note

This was transcribed from a previous version of the song but it isn't that much 
from the newer version, I'm sure you will be able to ajust the minor updates.

Intro Pt. I (x2)

(Palm Muted)D|-----------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------|F|-----------------------------------------------------|C|---5-9---7-----5-----5-9---7-----5-----5---5-----5---|G|-7-----7---7-7---5-5-----5---5-5---2-2---2---2-2-----|C|-----------------------------------------------------|
Slowly release Palm Mute on secod time playing this partD|-----------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------|F|-----------------------------------------------------|C|-----5---5-----5-------------------------------------|G|-3-3---3---3-3---------------------------------------|C|-----------------------------------------------------|
Intro Pt. II (x2) "Let's Go!"
Make sure to keep these octave chords, don't turn them into power chords.D|-----------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------|F|-9-9--9-9-9--9-11-11--11-11-11--11-7-7--7-7-7--------|C|-X-X--X-X-X--X-X--X---X--X--X---X--X-X--X-X-X--------|G|-7-7--7-7-7--7-9--9---9--9--9---9--5-5--5-5-5--------|C|-----------------------------------------------------|
Verse (x4) "Hurtfull words..." Hold notes (sustain) for verse picking
(Repeat 8 times)D|------|A|-8----|F|---7--|C|------|G|------|C|------|
(Repeat 4 times)D|------|A|-10---|F|----7-|C|------|G|------|C|------|
(Repeat 4 times)
Chorus Pt. I "Sitting in this room playing russian roulette..."
Let each chord ringD|-----------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------|F|-----------------------------------------------------|C|-5---0---9---10--------------------------------------|G|-5---0---9---10--------------------------------------|C|-5---0---9---10--------------------------------------|
Chorus Pt. II "Sitting in this room playing russian roulette..."
Repeat Intro Pt. II (end riff second time around early on this chord, listen to the song for timing)
Small bridge riff
Let last note ringD|---------|A|---------|F|---------|C|-9-7-5-0-|G|-9-7-5-0-|C|-9-7-5-0-|
Repeat Verse Repeat Chorus Pt. I & II Breakdown "I can't take this (take) anymore..."
Repeat Intro Pt. I & II Simutaniously through an acoustic simulator or the clean channel Repeat Chorus Pt. I & II Repeat Intro Pt. II Play continuously w/ verse riff after a while Ending
Bass drum takes over Lyrics: Intro: Let's go! Let's go! Verse 1: Hurtfull words, From my enemies of the last five years, What's it like to die alone, How does it feel when tears freeze when you cry, The blood in your veins is twenty below Chorus: Sitting in this room playing Russian Roulette, Finger on the trigger to my dear Juliette, Out from the window see your back drop silhouette, This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget (x2) Verse 2: So for now, take this down a notch, Crash my car through your window, Make sure you're still alive, Just in time to kill you (Repeat Chorus) I can't take this (take) anymore (x4) I cannot feel what you've done to me What you've done to me (Small acoutic part) So for now, take this down a notch, Crash my car through your window, window! That's pretty much it, some stray parts here and there, and some updates, but besides that's pretty much the whole song. Enjoy! :]
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