Eskimo Joe – Smoke tab

Song: Smoke
Artist: Eskimo Joe
Album: A Song Is A City

Standard tuning (eBGDAE)

~ = let it ring
d = strum down
u = " " " up
/ = slide up
 = " " " down
b = bend
r = release bend

Intro: Ce-------------------------|B-------------------------|G-------------------------|D-10-10-10~---10-10-10~---|A-10-10-10~---10-10-10~---|E-8--8--8~~---8--8--8~~---| d u d d u d
Verse 1: F G G# A# F G G# A#e---------------------------------|B---------------------------------|G---------------3---------------3-|D-3~~---5-6~~---3-3~~---5-6~~---1-|A-3~~---5-6~~---1-3~~---5-6~~---1-|E-1~~---3-4~~-----1~~---3-4~~-----|
Verse 2: F G G# A# F G G# A#e------------------------------------|B------------------------------------|G---------------3------------------3-|D-3~~---5-6~~---3-3~~---5-66666666-1-|A-3~~---5-6~~---1-3~~---5-66666666-1-|E-1~~---3-4~~-----1~~---3-44444444---|
Chorus:(Not real sure what 2nd guitar does - this is just the lead) Ce-------------------------|B-------------------------|G----------------------5--|D-5~~8~~8~~10~~6~~-3-1-5--|A----------------------3--|E-------------------------|
Solo: (2nd guitar plays intro) Note: The Bend is || kinda faint /e-------------------------------|B-------------------------------|G-------------------------------|D-------------------------------|A-3-3-3---3-3-3~/6-6~3~1b3r-----|E-------------------------------|
End: Ce------||B------||G------||D-5~~~-||A-5~~~-||E-3~~~-||
Song Order and Lyrics: Intro Verse 1 If I keep smoking This cold I;ll never go away If I keep talking I know you I;ll never come and stay Stand the two up next to the other Don't be strange to me my Lover Riff Verse 2 All I got here is books and music I used to have exercise but I out grew it (Strum Verse) I;m going home and you go silent never know what to do just say it;s cool Riff and I;ll feel ok Chorus I feel cold next to the fire It;s an old story but I think I like it Riff x2 Verse 2 Chorus 2 (Chorus x2) I feel cold next to the fire it's an old story but I think I like it Spend your days in indecision I got a lot of things on my mind this morning Solo Chorus 2 End
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