Eskobar – Love Comes First tab


transcripted by Teddy

intro: F,F,F,F

  Love comes first
  But I was dying of thirst
  A bubble about to burst
  Things could be worse

  Love comes first
  Maybe I was cursed
  From the day of my birth
  Things could be worse

F                        C
Put a lot of doubt in my mind
About the love I thought I had
Maybe I didn't know what love was
But it was time to find out what was not

Was it just pure coincidence
For a kid with a liquid habit?
My way of going out in a bang?
I just had to reach out and grab it

  Love comes first...

  Love comes first...

Who was I to hurt and destroy?
How could I ignore someone's heart?
Was I really that insecure
Or just evil, and ruthless from start?

I can never change what I've done
But never stop wondering how
A fugitive on the run
Maybe to hard, to see the truth now?

  Love comes first...     |
  Love comes first...     |
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