Etheridge Melissa – Aint It Heavy tab

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Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 13:41:51 +0000
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Ain't It Heavy - Melissa Etheridge

Recorded by Melissa Etheridge. Words & lyrics by Melissa
Etheridge. From the album Never Enough. Produced by Melissa
Etheridge and Kevin McCormick.Transcribed by Bugsy (G Del

Sometimes I know that it's never enough
Survival is fine but satisfaction is rough
I try with an angel tonight
Spread these wings and I'm on for the ride
Cruise these streets where my innocence hides
    E                   C#m                   A
There's some things you can't deny
 F#m                             A
What is it about this human condition
   F#m                                                A
I need some kind of promise some kind
of submission tonight

Ain't it heavy
Ain't the night heavy


I'm feeling kinda loose I'm feeling kinda mean
I've been feeling kinda wild since I turned 17
Or is it madness
Tell me where can a woman find any kinda peace
When does the fury and the agony cease
How long have I got to say please
There's a hole in my jeans I only wanted to fade
I've been riping out seams somebody else made tonight



                  E    A    D    G    B    E
A               0     0    2     2    2    0
D                0    0    0     2    3    2
E                0    2    2     1    0    0
E6              0    2    2     1   2     0
B                0    0    4     4    4    2
C#m           0    0     6     6     5   4
F#m           2    4     4     2     2   2

D/A/E at end of chorus

E --0--0--x--0--0--0- ------0--0--x--0------3------0--0--x--0---|A --0--0-x--0--0--0--------0--0--x--0---------2---2--2--x--2----|D--0--0--x--0--0--0--------2--2--x--2--------------2--2--x-2----|G--2--2--x--2--2--2--------2--2--x--2--------------1--1--x--1---|B --3--3--x--3--3--3--------2--2--x--2-------------0---0--x--0--|E--2---2--x--2--2--2--------0--0--x--0-------------0---0--x--0--| d u d u u d d u d u
The general strum pattern is d u d(muted) u u d and the muted down strum can be replaced with the E6 on down strum. This is also transcribed from Melissa's MTV Unplugged performance so it's more acoustic than electric and played slower than the album version.
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