Etta James – Fool That I Am chords

Intro: Dbmaj7 Gb9 Dbmaj9 Ab7#5 Ab7#9 Dbmaj7

Dbmaj7 BbdimFool that I am,
Ebm9 Ab7#5For falling in love with you.
Dbmaj7 BbdimAnd a, fool that I am,
Ebm9 Ab7#5For thinking you loved me, too.
Dbmaj7 You took my heart,
Db+ Ebm7 F7Then played the part of little coquette.
Bbm7 Eb7And, all my dreams just disappeared
Ebm9 Ab7#5Like the smoke from a cigarette.
Dbmaj7 BbdimFool that I am,
Ebm9 Ab7#5 For hoping you'd understand.
Dbmaj7And thinking you
Db+ Would listen, too,
Ebm9 Ab7#5And, oh, the things I had planned.
Gbmaj7 Gbm7But we couldn't see eye to eye
Dbmaj7So, darling, darling, darling,
F7This is goodbye.
Ebm7But I still care, but I still care,
Ab13 Dbmaj7And oh, fool that I am.
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