Eugene Mcguinness – Moscow State Circus chords

Capo at 5th fret

EDid you drop a clanger?
B A spanner in the works
F#mDid it all pour out the wrong way?
GBent out of shape
Through the Chinese whispers
Am D7Oh Clarence I do believe
This life is killing me
ESpeed camera caught us at Nottingham
BWhen the radio lifted the curse
F#mNewsflash - 'Who flooded the florist?'
GGood sir, you've got a lot of nerve
Am D7Through towers tall and skeletal trees
G G/BThis old banger carries me up and away
CLightning has struck
Bb D7Twice in the exact same place
GCan't get in the club
G/BCan't get out of the rain
C Get over it, get over it
Bb D7And remember not to forget
EThat I am as subtle and as playful
BAs a hammer headed shark
F#mBut i could name you every service station
GOn the M6 off by heart
ETest results prove inconclusive
BAs to whether your world is round
F#mMine is a Rubik's cube
GPass it on or go and figure it out
Am D7It's all a bloody jambouree
G G/BThis banger carries me up and away
CCouldn't give a flying fuck
Bb D7What the old Parkonians say
GLightning has struck
G/BRain rain go away
C Get over it, get over it
Bb D7 EAnd remember not to forget about me
F#m GHey now, hey now
A DHey now, we're tumbling down a rabbit hole
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