Eugene Mcguinness – Moscow State Circus chords ver. 2

Left handed
ADid you drop a clanger?
EA spanner in the works
BmDid it all pour out the wrong way?
DBent out of shape
Through the Chinese whispers
Dm GOh Clarence I do believe
This life is killing me
ASpeed camera caught us at Nottingham
EWhen the radio lifted the curse
BmNewsflash - 'Who flooded the florist?'
DGood sir, you've got a lot of nerve
Dm GThrough towers tall and skeletal trees
This old banger carries me
C Amup and away
F Lightning has struck
Bb GTwice in the exact same place
C Can't get in the club
AmCan't get out of the rain
FGet over it, get over it
Bb GAnd remember not to forget
G A That I am as subtle and as playful
EAs a hammer headed shark
BmBut i could name you every service station
DOn the M6 off by heart
ATest results prove inconclusive
EAs to whether your world is round
BmMine is a Rubik's cube
DPass it on or go and figure it out
Dm G It's all a bloody jambouree
C AmThis banger carries me up and away
FCouldn't give a flying fuck
Bb GWhat the old Parkonians say
CLightning has struck
AmRain rain go away
FGet over it, get over it
Bb GAnd remember not to forget about me
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