Eurogliders – Heaven Must Be There tab ver. 2

Originally Tabbed by: Jonathan Sheehan
Updates: Anna Orchard
Tuning:EADGBe (normal tuning)

I worked through this song with the help of Jonathan’s tab – so thank you for that one.
Try playing with Chorus and Delay on to try to get that chime like sound. This
arrangement is for one guitar – obviously the Eurogliders had 2 guitarists, a bass
player and a keyboard player so there was plenty going on which we have to try to get in 
the arrangement
… that’s my excuse anyway!  The song is in D

Intro: (play twice)e|-----------|-------------|---------|-------------|B|-----------|-------------|-------3-|-------3-5-3-|G|-----------|---------0---|-----2---|-----2-------|D|----0---4--|---0---4---0-|---4-----|---4---------|A|--2---2----|-2---2-------|-2-------|-2-----------|E|-----------|-------------|---------|-------------|
Verse: Please note that the first note that Grace Knight sings is an A. The Bass is pumping out a G. So we play a G with an A as the top note (so the singer can hear it and pick up the note to sing. The chord is a G (add 9)- there are a couple of interesting ways to do this chord – try this easy one first e|5 B|3 G|0 D|0 A|0 E|X G(add 9) D Oooooh! Ooh I want to find a better place G(add 9) D Oooooh! Ooh I'm for a better place (Play this little lick):Please note this is played later in the song an octave higher
Chorus: D G D/F# G/B D Heaven, must be there-ere. Well, it's just got to be there-ere. G Em I've never - never seen Eden. I don't wanna live in this place
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