Eva Cassidy - Over The Rainbow tab

Over The Rainbow
Eva Cassidy

Verse 1:
Ab(add9)   Fm    Cm7   Ab7
  Some - where  Over       the rainbow 

Db  Dbm7     Ab(add9)  Ab7  Ab7/Bb 
Way      up    high

Ab/C  Db   Dbm7  Ab Ab/G  
      In a      land         

Fm                    Eb7        Eb7/G  Ab(add9)     
   That i heard of   once in a    lul  -  laby

Verse 2: (Follow chords as in Verse 1)

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dared to dream
Really do come true


Some day i'll wish upon a star

And  wake up where the 

Eb7/G                 Ab(maj9)    Bbm7 Bbm9  Cm/Eb
Clouds are way be   -   hind me

Bbm/Eb      Ab(add9)
     Where  troubles melt like lemon drops

A - way above the chimmney tops, thats

Cm     Cm/B      Bbm7    Eb7/G
Where  you'll   find      me

Repeat Verse 2

If  happy little blue birds fly

Above the rainbow why,  

Oh  why  cant

Db(add9)  A   Ab

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