Evan Greer - Fire And Stone tab

G Em D C B A C/G|--3---0---3---0---2---0---3|--3---0---2---1---4---2---3|--0---0---3---0---4---2---0|--0---2---0---2---4---2---2|--2---2---x---3---2---0---3|--3---0---x---x---x---x---x
Capo 1st Fret Verse 1 G Em we used to act like we were ten years old G Em sittin’ on rooftops in the morning cold G D and we pointed at the city, Em C though we'd never be so bold A D and all i needed was a hand to hold. G Em it's a somewhat addictive state of mind G Em to always be hoping for another glimpse inside G D Em C and even though i know you're telling everybody else A D i can still think that i heard it first. Chorus G B Em C Because I need a friend and i can pretend G B Em C that you might need one too. G B Em C Because I've done too much traveling alone G B Em C and I'm too goddamn far from home. G D Em C I think I'm mostly flesh. I think you're mostly bone. G C Em D G I am made of fire; you're made of stone. Verse 2 G Em i thought you might be my someone in the sand. G i thought i might be something you needed Em like a good friend. G D but you can keep your distance, Em C i guess i'll understand. A D no one really wants a fire on their hands. Bridge C So let's climb the flagpole! C G See how high we get before we fall. C Let's meet in the belltower. C G If we can ever get up there at all. Em C/G And we can watch the gears turn. Em C/G Because a stone will crack before it burns. A D Still a fire never learns.
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