Evan Taubenfeld - Merry Swiftmas chords

Hey everyone! This is my first tab and im 100% sure that this is right..
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Capo 1st

Intro: C C F FDear Santa, I don't know if you're listening, but I've been pretty good this year.
And I don't know if it matters that I celebrate Chanukah, but I hope you get my wish Verse: C C F F
C CHey what do you know itís time for Christmas
F FAnd I've been acting good all year
C CI never have been all that superstitious
F FBut that don't mean I hate reindeer
C CSo Santa I don't know if you're listening,
F FI'm not quite sure how this works
C C I wanna good girl for hugging and kissing
F FAnd not a head case who only dates jerks
Bridge: G am F F
G am F F I don't need more toys and shinny things.
G am F FI just want a blond who likes to sing.
C G am GSo don't put a bow on a box, thereís no need to send Megan Fox
F C G GI don't need a big mansion, so lets nicks Scarlett Johansson
C G am GThere'll be tear drops on my guitar if I end up with Amy Smart
dm dm F -> fm (C )So Santa for my gift, please send me Taylor Swift
C C F F Verse: C C F F So Santa when you come down the chimney You can skip right pass the kitchen I know you're sick of all of the cookies So I got you Fearless Platinum Edition Bridge: G am F F x2 And no one will mess with her when she's mine And Kanye will watch him mouth next time Chorus:
C G am G F C G GSo I'm gonna have to refuse, if in comes Penelope Cruz
If she is a bad girl I'm sending her back cause Lindsey Lohan is whack (just like crack) I'd rather have Jason Mraz, than be stuck with Cameron Diaz So Santa for my gift, please send me Taylor Swift
am G F F am G F fmI know her and I are gonna fit, Taylor Taubenfeld has ring to it
Chorus: [Stop Strumming] I'd rather be hanging alone, than making out with Emma Stone Yeah I'd rather get a supina, then kick it with Angelina And yeah I'll probably shed a few tears, if you mess up and send Britney Spears
dm dm G GSo Santa for my gift
am G# F Fplease send me Taylor Swift.
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