Evanescence - Listen To The Rain tab

Em         D            C       D
Listen to each drop of rain (aaaah)
Em          D           C       D
Whispering secrets in vain (aaaah)
C            D             Em
Frantically searching for someone to hear
       C        D           Em
Their story before they hit ground
C                D             Em
Please don't let go, can't we stay for a while?
C               D             Em
It's just too hard to say goodbye
C              D       Em
Listen to the rain.......

(no chord)
Listen, listen, listen, listen to the rain
Em    D
C      D     Em
C      D     Em

Em         D          C      D
I stand alone in the storm (aaaah)
Em         D                C      D
Suddenly, sweet words take hold (aaaah)
C            D            Em
Hurry, they say, for you haven't much time
C            D         G           D
Open your eyes to the love around you
C                     D            G               D
You may feel you're alone but I'm here still with you
        C             Em
You can do what you dream
        Am         D             Em       D
Just remember to listen to the rain........
C       D      Em
C       D      Em
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