Evanescence – Forgive Me tab

Artist: Evanescence
Album: Evanescence EP (1998)
Tabber: Dark Falco3000
E-mail: dark_falco3000@hotmail.com
Tuning: Standard (E A D G B e)

Most of this is in chords, which I will put down with the actual lyrics of the song. 
there is a solo, and here it is:

Lyrics: (No guitar) Can you forgive me again? I don’t know what I said... But I never meant to hurt you Bb Gm I heard the words come out F I thought that I would die Bb It hurt so much to hurt you Bb Dm Then you look at me D# You’re not shouting anymore D#m You’re silently broken Bb Gm I’d give anything now F To kill those words for you D# Dm Each time I say something I regret I cry “I don’t wanna leave you” D# But somehow I know that you will never leave me, yeah Bb Gm Coz you were made for me Dm Some how I’ll make you see D# D#m How happy you make me Bb Gm I can’t live this life Dm Without you by my side D# D#m I need you to survive, Bb Gm So stay with me D# D#m You look in my eyes and I’m screaming inside that I’m sorry Guitar 1: [Solo] Guitar 2: Bb Gm Dm D# D#m (No guitar) And you forgive me again You’re my one true friend And I never meant to hurt you And there it is, an awesome song. Got praise, complaints or whatever, feel free to As long as you're not one of those people who comment on tabs just to say they hate the band/song.
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