Evanescence – Hello Acoustic chords ver. 2

Capo 2e fret

Intro : Am7 G Em (x2)

Am7 G EmPlayground school bell rings again
Am7 G EmRain clouds come to play again
F E Esus4 Am Asus2Has no one told you she's not breathing?
Am/G Asus2/G FHello, I'm your mind
Esus4Giving you someone to talk to
E Am7 G EmHello?
Am7 G EmIf I smile and don't believe
Em7 G EmSoon, I know I'll wake from this dream
F E Esus4 Am Asus2Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken
Am/G Asus2 FHello, I'm the lie
Esus4 ELiving for you so you can hide
Am7 G Em (x2)Don't cry
F E Esus4 Am Asus2Suddenly, I know I'm not sleeping
Am/G Asus2/G FHello, I'm still here
Esus4 E Am7 AmAll that's left of yesterday
Am7 : 002010 G : 320003 Em : 022000 F : 133211 E : 022100 Esus4 : 022200 Am : 002210 Asus2 : x02200 Am/G : 002013 Asus2/G : 3x2200
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