Evanescence – Sallys Song chords

amazing son, easy to play, just play around with the rythm!

Em	022000
F	x03211
B7	x21202
D	xx0232
G	320003
Am      x03320
Am/C	x32210

Em Am FI sense there's something in the wind
B7 EmThat feels like tragedy's at hand
D G F And though I'd like to stand by him
B7 EmCan't shake this feeling that I have
D7 G FThe worst is just around the bend.
F Em B7And does he notice
Am/C FMy feelings for him
Em B7 Am/C And will he see How much he means to me
B7 EmI think it's not to be.
Em Am FWhat will become of my dear friend?
B7 EmWhere will his actions lead us then?
D G F And though I'd like to join the crowd
B7 EmIn their enthusiastic cloud
D G FTry as I may it doesn't last
Em B7And will we ever
Am/C FEnd up together
Em B7 Am/C No, I think not, it's never to become
B7 EmFor I am not the one
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