Evanescence – Fields Of Innocence tab

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Evenescence - Fields Of Innocence (Chords)

Verse 1
Am7              G   F              Dm         Am7
I Still Remember The world from the eyes of a child
Am7                    G    F          Dm          Am7
Slowly those feeling's were clouded by what I know now

E                      F
Oh where, where has my heart gone?
    Dm                       G
I'm not even trained for the real world
   E             F            Dm         
Oh I, I want Too go back too, beliveing in everything
E                      Am7
And knowing nothing at all

Verse 2:
Am7              G   F          Dm         Am7
I still remember the sun always warm on my back
F          G            Am7
Somehow it seems colder now


Piano Instrumental

Chorus x2
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