Eve 6 - Mr Bones tab

Song:		"Mr.Bones" (Studio Version)
Artist:		The Sugi Tap/ Eve 6
Album:		The Sugi Tap EP

Tabbed by:	Dean (plastic.dwarf.warlord@gmail.com)

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Tuning: 	Standard 
		(E A D G B e)

| The entire song I think is just the same rhythmn til the 2nd pre-chorus
| and the bridge.

d d ud ud de|-----------------------|B|-3-3-33-33-3-----------|G|-5-5-55-55-5-----------|D|-5-5-55-55-5-----------|A|-3-3-33-33-3-----------|E|-----------------------|
VERSES, CHORUS, & OUTRO are the rhythmn guitar repeating BRIDGE:
e|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|-5---------------------------5--------|D|-5--------------------5------5--------|A|-3--------------------5------3--------|E|----------------------3---------------| "Keep the engine... (stop) You know I love goodbye's
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