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Eve 6 – Moon chords

"Moon" by Eve 6 (Album: Speaking in Code)

***Sorry if some of the chords are off the correct lyrics, the website editing 
mixed them up a little bit.  This is an awesome new song by Eve 6 and I hope 
having this tab out there helps, though it doesn't include the into tab beyond chords***


Intro: E A

EShe said look at the moon,
It's like a fingernail clipping
AA slippery light in the cold black sky
E AI gave her my coat, held her close and she cried
EAs the sun came up over the jagged skyline,
AThe silence amplified our beating hearts
E AAnd I didn't answer when she asked why
F#mOne life to live
Many paths to take
AOne twists and turns and falls away
EAnd flowers bloom in brilliant light
EAnd fade away into the night
F#mSo much to lose
Or so it seems
AThese idle games and children's dreams
EHow they confound and split the seams inside my mind
F#mI just keep moving on into the unknown
EAnd I go walking alone near the St. Augustine bell
AAnd thinking about you since you went away
E AWe used to sit here and watch as the shadows played
EAnd if I try real hard, I can remember that sound
ARinging out just like a clarion
E AEchoing off of the wall of the dark arcade
CmYou know being alone feels like I'm holding my breath
AI try to be cool, I try to push it down
E BI walk like I know where to go on a Friday night
CmAnd the city streets are the fangs of a beast
AYeah it's always tired, but it never sleeps
EI cry with the silence, dance with the freaks
B F#mCome on, I'm getting on into the unknown.
Outro: E A
E1 -----2 -----3 --1--4 --2--5 --2--6 -----
A1 -----2 -----3 --2--4 --2--5 -----6 -----
F#m 1 --2--2 --2--3 --2--4 --4--5 --4--6 --2--
Cm, E, A, B for the latter part of the song, use power chords
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