Ever Stays Red - Ill Tell The World tab

I'll Tell the World

This is an awesome song. Its in Dadgad, ya it's a little weird.

Intro/Main Riff F5 F5 F5 A# A#d--------------------------------------|a--------------------------------------|g---10-10-10p-------h12/10-10----------|d---10-10-10-10--10-----10-10----------|a---8--8--8--8---8------8--8-----------|D-----------------------8--8-----------|
Verse the verse is the main riff with a weird rhythm. you'll have to listen to the cd to get it. Pre Chorus D F
Chorus F F F F A A A A G G G G A G G A A Fd-------------------------------------------------------------------------|a-------------------------------------------------------------------------|g-10-10--10--10--14--14--14--14---12--12--12--12--14--12--12--14-14--10---|d-x--x---x---x---x---x---x---x----x---x---x---x---x---x---x---x--x---x----|a-8--8---8---8---12--12--12--12---10--10--10--10--12--10--10--12-12--8----|D-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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