Everclear – One Hit Wonder tab


One Hit Wonder, wow, this took me FOREVER to finally get figured out. 
After many requests, and hours of finger stiffening work, here it is:

chords: (there are basically 4)
*the strings are in order from bottom to top (1-6)

Db: 0-9-10-11-11-0Gb: 0-2-3-4-4-0Ab: 0-4-5-6-6-0Cb: 0-7-8-9-0-0
verse (it goes in a similar pattern the whole song) Db_____________________Gb Loppy says he likes it up on top Db Yes he knows if he ever lets go ___Gb The pretty machine will swallow him whole Ab_______Gb__________Db He has no fear he has no sense of shame _________Ab______________Gb_ He will not stop until everybody everywhere wants ___Db to know his name (after verse2 it goes:) __Db He says he wants to live the kind of life _______Gb That will make the folks back home All bitch and whine Ab___________Gb___________Db He knows if he ever even gets a chance _________Cb To sell his soul to make the monster dance Gb______Ab_________________Db They can't hurt you unless you let them comments? praise? questions? ohmeds@aol.com====
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