Evergreen Terrace – Untitled chords

Capo on 3 standard EADGBe

This is my first Tab and I learned it by ear, but it goes with the song pretty 
well. Listen to the song to really find the strum pattern.

Intro: x2

The intro can also be used in the chorus, but it is a little tricky to line up with the lyrics. Verse 1:
G D5 EMYou say everything comes
Em CIf you don't turn your back
G D5 And I wait everyday
Em CSometimes this patience I lack
CBecause it's just
G D5More of the same
EmMore of the same
CAnd I just need you
GTo remember my name
G D5More of the same
EmMore of the same
CAnd I just need you.
Chords repeat for rest of the song. strum patter kinda changes for the bridge Verse 2: It takes all of me To keep my eyes off of the floor And this makes tomorrow seem Harder than ever before Because it's just Chorus: X1 Bridge:
GWhy does this seem to be
D5Right in front of me
Em CIntangible dreams we pursue
GWhy it's so hard to see
D5Is eluding me
Em CI can't believe that it's true
Chorus: x2 fade at the end with " And I just need you" Enjoy and good luck :D
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