Evergreen Terrace - Plowed Sponge tab

      h - hammer on
      p - pull off
      b - bend string up
      r - release bend
      / - slide up
      \ - slide down
      v - vibrato (sometimes written as ~)
      t - right hand tap
      .  palm muted
      ~ -

This song is an awesome cover though i have to admit i've never actually heard the 
I'm pretty sure there's alot more going on in the background of this song than I've tabbed. 
me with any changes at akka_takka@hotmail.com  :)

Intro:Guitar 1|--------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------||--5/7--7--7-7/5-5--5-5/7--7--7-7/5--5--5-5/7--7--7-7/9--||--x-x--x--x--x-x--x--x--x-x--x--x--x-x--x--x--x-x--x--x--x-x--||--3/5--5-5--5/3--3--3-3/5--5--5-5/3--3--3-3/5--5--5-5/7--||-------------------------------------------------------------|
|----------------------------||----------------------------||--9--9-9/10-10-10--10/9/5--||--x--x--x-x--x--x----x-x-x--| x4|--7--7-7/8--8--8---8/7/3--||---------------------------|
Guitar 2 begins after 2nd Intro|-----------||-----------||-----------||--0-0-0-0--|
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