Everlast – So Long tab

		     So Long- Everlast

By: Ian M. Cap "misfit320"

This is "So Long" by Everlast off of the "End of Days" soundtrack. It's pretty simple, the hardest part is lining up the chords with the lyrics.


* let ring
/ slide
H hammer on
P pull off
% base note only

guitar one: acoustic guitar, standard tuning
guitar two: electric w/ distorion, drop D tuning 

Gtr. 1

Verse: Em Am G Chorus: Am/C/G/F Outro: Am/C/G/C That's the basic song structure. Now, here's the lyrics w/the chords. I tried my best to line up the chords with the exact part of the word, but it's not entirely accurate Em I knew a man with a son bought him a gun Am G he learned shorty just how to use it Em taught him huntin' and skinin' right from the beginin' Am G built himself a mighty fine killer (killer) Em but shorty got picked on beat on and kicked on Am G and all his classmates wanted to punk him Em so with tears in his eye and the catcher in the rye Am G and he told his old man he went huntin' (huntin') Em he never felt so free like his destiny Am G lay somewhere out on the horizon Em it's hard when you're cold he felt a hundred years old Am& G& and started pulling back on the trigger Chorus: Gtr. 1 & Gtr. 2 Am C Think I'm gonna die today G F Everyone that hurt me's gonna pay Am C How could such a short time feel so long? G F How could such a young life go so wrong? Bridge: Gtr. 1: strum Em 4 times. After that, Gtr. 2 hit (hard) the low D string 3 times. Then to verse 2 verse 2: Gtr. 1 Em See me hear me Am G but don't touch me, you should fear me Em Am cuz I'm clearly... cuz I'm seriously distrubed G that's my word Em* don't wake my mother just wake my brother Am G cuz i found another who want to play sucker Em and I ain't the one who put shade in your sun Am G and took all your shine... watch me get mine Em* feel how it burns to pay for my sins Am watch the world turn G inside the beginin' Em losses and wins angels and demons Am G dancin' on top of the head of a pin Em don't know where I'm goin' but I know where I been Am G Can't hear a sound, clap me for pound Em I came to get down I came to get dirty Am& G& I came to get even (even, even even) Chorus Outro: Gtr. 1 Gtr. 2 (clean) Am Please mama don't cry C Please mama don't cry G F Please mama don't cry you did nothing wrong repeat w/o lyrics 1 time. End on F. Notes: I couldn't find the exact lyrics, so I did the best by ear. If anyone knows the real lyrics, drop me a line. If you don't want to do drop D tuning, it sounds alright with just an E during the bridge. During the chorus, on Gtr. 1, instead of just going from Am to C, it sounds better if you go Am, C/B, C, hitting C/B for one beat. Listen to the song to get the timing on that right. For Gtr. 2, I know you can play an A chord with the base note on the A string, but you need to get the slide up to the C, then back down to the G and F. So start at the 7th fret, slide to the 10th, then slide down to the 5th, then the 3rd. It sounds weird at first, but that's the way it is on the CD. Gtr. 2: distortion. Everlast uses what I like to call the "NIN Fuzz" on this song. What I mean by "NIN Fuzz" is a heavy distortion, but with low tone quality. If you have amp distortion, I recomend using that with either your neck pickup or using both neck and bridge pickups, and your tone knob either all the way, or halfway down. If you're using a pedal, just put the distortion down to about half, turn the tone down about 2/3rds of the way, and turn up the volume, since doing this takes you down a lot. Or you can use mild distortion with a fuzz pedal, or distortion with a phaser pedal, with the phase about halfway. I just use the amp distortion method. For the outro, there's still distortion, but not enough for it to be palm muted. So I recomend either just palm muting Gtr. 2, or just playing Gtr. 2 clean.
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