Everlast – Maybe tab

Artist: Everlast
Song:   Maybe
Album:  White Trash Beautiful
Tabber: N. Anders Tønnesson (n.anders@online.no)

This is just a real quick write down of the basic background of the song.
It's my first tab and it's a 2 min thing so it's not accurate or complete but it gives you a basic idea.
If you have any corrections send me a email

Guitar half step down
For normal tuned guitar move all chords half a step down

Figure out the picking pattern from the song, i think of it as 1..23 if that helps anyone
Verse E|----4---6---2---| B|4----6---8---4--| G|-6----6---8---4-| D|--6-------------| A|----------------| E|----------------|
E|----4---6---2---| B|4---6---8---4---| G|6---6---8---4---| D|6---------------| A|----------------| E|----------------|
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