Everlast – Some Nights Are Better Than Others tab

Some Nights (Are Better Than Others)
Tabbed By Aaron Bridgeman (rokken@sicness.net)


On the today e.p.
Not many people would know it, but it's good anyway.

RAP SAMPLE BITe|-7-----5-----8-7---------------7-----------7-8-------------|B|----7-------------7--5--7---------7--5---7---------7--5--7-|G|-----------------------------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
Rap bit repeated for whole song. Hard. LYRICS!!! Some nights are better than others Some fights are left to bum brothers Some nights are better than others Some fights are left to bum brothers You know the freaks come out at night with the drama I'm a break it down, take it down, learn it Roll it up, burn it, think it Stir it up, drink it, swallow it Follow it straight to the heart of the matter Program the data, turn on the lights Watch them all scatter, from the shine off the glean Course by my team, it's the high pro glow One for the show, two for the handgun Three, the one you man run when it's time for the action All the stories you told are bound to get old When your hands ain't as fast as the words you flippin' Word to Scottie Pippin, got to be trippin' You must have been slippin', or want the ass whippin' It's time to start flippin' CHORUS: (3x) Some nights are better than others Break it down to the bare root essence Some fights are left to bum brothers Count your fingers then count your blessins They say blood runs thicker than water Mothers to sons, bullets to guns Hard times a spreadin', just like the flu The voodoo child don't need to be raised I'm no kid act wild son, you might get blazed Like an acid hit, I rock classic shit That can make your head bump, put some shake in your rump This ain't Forrest Gump but I got mad rhyme Why you shoot that gun, I'm a shoot this gift Leave you internally perplexed like the question if Some hit the spliff, some of y'all sniff Some clap the hammer when they pull a four fifth But most of y'all fry, kid let's be blunt You try to be the man I be on the man hunt CHORUS (8x)
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