Everly Brothers – Always Its You chords

		Always It's You - The Everly Brothers
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

The Everly Brothers
Always It's You (1961)
(Felice & Boudleaux Bryant)
From: "A Date With The Everly Brothers"

Intro: | F | Gm | Am Bb Am Gm | C |

F GmWhen I feel downhearted
Fmaj7 GmWhen I'm feeling blue
F GmWhen I'm low and lonely
Fmaj7 GmWho do I turn to?
F Bbm F Gm CIt's you, always it's you
F GmWhen I'm dreaming daydreams
Fmaj7 GmWho comes into view?
F GmWho shares all my daydreams
Fmaj7 GmWho makes them come true?
F Bbm F AIt's you, always it's you
Dm CWhen I feel like smiling
Dm CYou're the reason why
Gm DmIf I ever lost you
Bb CI'd cry and cry
F GmOh, hold me close, my true love
Fmaj7 GmKiss me tenderly
F GmThere is only one love
Fmaj7 GmOne alone for me
F Bbm F It's you, always it's you
Bbm F Always it's you
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