Everly Brothers - Torture chords


Bb DmTorture, torture
Cm F BbBaby, you're torturing me
Eb Why do you lead me around and make me chase ya
DmWhen I catch ya, you won't let me embrace ya
C7 FPlease baby, have a heart 'cause can't you see
Bb F Bb F Bb You're torturing me-e-e, torturing me-e
Bb F Bb This torture that I'm going through is worth the pain if I had you
F BbSo if you love me, let me know but if you don't, please let me go
Torture, Torture Baby, you're torturing me You know that I'm crazy about you Yet you make me do without you Do you mean to hurt, or don't you see You're torturing me, torturing me by: Josť Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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