Everly Brothers – Shady Grove chords

Shady Grove
GBeyond this maze of city streets, beyond these painted faces
D GThere's a road that leads to cool green fields and girls that dress in laces
Everyone has a front porch swing, every house a parlour
D GWhen the throat is dry an’ parched with thirst there's more than just spring water
G FShady Grove, my little miss, Shady Grove, my darlin'
G D GShady Grove, my little miss come with me to Harlan
Chestnut hair in the mornin’ sun looks like it’s catchin’ on fire She's long, she's lean, she won't run, she fills me with desire Kentucky eyes look up at me from a bed of yellow daisies The sun is warm, her kiss is hot, she's gonna drive me crazy Chorus by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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