Everly Brothers - Omaha chords

E A D Itís hard to remember Pittsburgh properly
E A DItís hard to recall what I did in D.C.
E A DNo vivid remembrance of things in L.A.
E A D E A D AThe times and the places have all slipped away
A G It seems that I found everything that I wanted
D AAll in Omaha
G Everythingís there, my love and my laughter
D AItís all in Omaha
A G D AAaaaaaah, In Omaha, in Omaha
A G D AAaaaaaah, In Omaha, in Omaha
C#m F#mThe rest of the world doesnít matter
Bm BbWhen you find what youíre after
F CBells and candles, clocks that chime
G DRibbons glass, lights that shine
A E Coloured paper, shiny beads
F#m C#m DEverything that I need you gave to me
A G D AIn Omaha, in Omaha, in Omaha, in Omaha
PS: Don Everly's solo song by: Josť Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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