Everly Brothers - Memories Are Made Of This chords

Memories Are Made of This  
F C Bb FTake one fresh and tender kiss
C Bb FAdd one stolen night of bliss
Bb F C7 F One girl, one boy, some grief, some joy
C Bb FMemories are made of this
Don't forget a small moonbeam Fold it lightly with a dream Your lips and mine, two sips of wine Memories are made of this
Bb FThen add the wedding bells, one house where lovers dwell
C F C F F7Three little kids for the flavour
Bb FStir carefully through the days, see how the flavour stays
G C C7 These are the dreams, you will savour
Save his blessings from above, Serve it generously with love One man, one wife, one love through life Memories are made of this Memories are made of this
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