Everly Brothers - Be My Love Again chords

Be My Love Again 

C# Fm Take away the silly games thatís messiní up our minds
Cm G# C#Nobodyís winning anyway
FmFor we had a special dream that people seldom find
Cm G# C#And then we let it slip away
C# G# C# Be my love again (Be my love again)
G# C#Be my love again (Be my love again)
F# C#I donít want to be just friends any more
G# C#Be my love again (Be my love again)
It seems that what I do to you, you do to me And then we act so civilised But I can see the tears that hides behind our eyes And alone I know we cry Chorus I know we decided we should go our separate ways And at the time it seemed so smart But I can smile and say hello another day When I want you in my arms Chorus by: Josť Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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