Everly Brothers - Devoted To You tab

Devoted To You:The Everly Brothers.
Top of the charts in UK, #10 in USA, #1 in Canada,
#2 on R&B charts.

D               A7       D                      A7     D 
Darling you can count on me, 'til the sun dries up the sea, 
G     F#m       Em     D     G  A7     D 
until then I'll always be..devoted..to you. 
D                     A7      D                     A7           
I'll be yours through endless time, I'll adore your charms  
G        F#m     Em        D      G  A7    D 
guess by now you know that I'm..devoted to you. 
Em                   F#m        Bm   Em         A7   D    D7 
I'll never hurt you, I'll never lie, I'll never be untrue. 
Em                  F#m       Bm   E7                A              
I'll never give you reason to cry, I'd be unhappy if you 
were blue. 
D                     A7        D                  A7         
Through the years our love will grow, like a river it will 
G        F#m   Em        D     G  A7     D 
it can't die because I'm so..devoted..to you. 
were blue. 

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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