Evermore – Afloat tab

Capo 1st

Afloat - Evermore
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Gm Hold on Dm Hold on B F Looking for a reason to go on Gm Alone again Dm On my own again B Now everything has turned F From right to wrong Dm Oh, trying to keep afloat B F I'm on a sinking boat Dm Trying to keep afloat Gm Begining to find Dm I'm low on time B F Floating on the ocean in a storm Gm The shore is gone Dm And the end has drowned B But hope only shines F The brighter in the night Dm Oh, fighting to keep afloat B F The world's a sinking boat Dm Fighting to keep afloat Interlude Intro x4 Dm B Oh I'm watching it pass me by F It's flashing before my eyes Dm I'd die for another try Dm But the world is sinking B But the world is sinking Dm But the world is sinking B But the world is sinking Dm B Let it go Dm B Let it go
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