Everybody Duck – Creation To Creator chords

Creation to Creator
Everybody Duck

G D CYou made my hands so I would lift them to You
Em D CYou made my eyes, I long to see Your face
G D CYou made my heart so Jesus, I could choose You
Em D C DYou made my knees so now I kneel before You in this place
G D C EmFrom creation to Creator I acknowledge You as Lord
C Em C DFor without I would have no life at all
G D C EmEvery breath I use to praise, drawn only as You have allowed
C D C DDesigner of my heart I love You so, just wanted You to know.
Verse 2 You made my voice, You know me when I call You You made my ears, I love to hear You speak You made my feet so I could return to You You made my mind to recognize without You I’m so weak Bridge
Em C G DAnd though I may fall short when on the world’s scale I’ve been weighed
Em C G DIt’s an honor just to know that in Your image I’ve been made
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