Everyday Sunday – Where I Ended chords

Left handed
Song: Where I Ended
Artist: Everyday Sunday
Tuning: Standard
Im pretty sure this tab is completely correct, but Im not perfect, so if you have a 
comment below. thanks.

Intro-e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------7---7---7-----|G|---8---8---8----7---7---7-----------6------6------6-----8---8---8----|D|----9---9---9----9---9---9-----8h9-9--8h9-9--8h9-9-------9---9---9---|A|-----9---9---9----9---9---9------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|*Tip- you can basically hold the Bmaj chord shape to play the intro*Just play the intro through the Verses
Verse 1- You did it again I wish I took a photograph Just so the memory will stick Verse 2- You made me win When I deserved to lose I don't know where I would be without you Chorus-
B F#I was starting to come undone
Then you came to me where I was
E Eb E Eb E EbLost and out there somewhere stranded
F#You began right where I ended
B F#I was starting to come unglued
But then you did what you always do
E Eb E Eb E EbI was out there somewhere stranded
F#But you began right where I ended
Verse 3- There are just days When life has just got you down When the only thing that you feel is your doubt Verse 4- I have been there I remember everything And I'm not going back, I'm safe with you now Bridge-
G#m E Eb E EbE EbYou were always somewhere out there
G#m E Eb E EbE EbYou were always somewhere out there
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