Everything But The Girl - One Place Acoustic chords


G    320033
C/G  x32030
D    xx0232
E    x22030
E/D  xx2030
E2   x20030

Pretty easy song, your ring finger lives on the 3rd fret for the whole thing :)

G A summer evening; I walk past the window
C/GBaby's crying; Someone's cooking dinner;
GThere's laughter on the TV
C/GSomeone's learning the violin.
DHow at home, it heals
E C/GAt times like this, I feel that...
G C/G I would like to live like anybody else, baby
DIn one place
G C/GAnd I could be happy and fulfilled
DIn one place
E/DAnd you know that I have found
E2That I'm happiest weaving from town to town
E/DAnd you know Proust said we should keep moving 'round
E2 C/G G Maybe we all get too tied down, I don't know
C/GHell, I don't know
GI'm happy to be home
C/GHappy to be home...
DIn the end, if you take care
E C/GYou can be happy or unhappy anywhere
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