Example – Watch The Sun Come Up chords

			   WATCH THE SUN COME UP - Example
Tabbed by: F Kil
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Couldn't seem to find this tab anywhere, so here it is!
Very very easy, only a couple of chords and simple downward strumming
D can be played as D7, G must be played as a power chord:

D G Em F#e|----------------|B|----------------|G|-7---0---0------|D|-7---5---2---4--|A|-5---5---2---4--|E|-----3---0---2--|
Tuning: Standard EADGBe
DHey, good morning
GHey, it's calling
DHey, good morning, Watch the sun come up
GIt's calling, I want another day with you
DHow can I explain it scratchin my brain
How can 10 hours feel like 10 years? I cry 10 men’s tears as it disappears With the passionate atmosphere
GTook your glove as a souvenir
Lleft the other on the pillow as I stroked your ear One last breathe of your hair Stared for a second, then the doorway beckoned
DI’m a lover not a fighter
So I didn’t fight the fact that I more than liked ya Didn’t matter we were under influence Made sense this was more than lust
GI don’t own you, you don’t own me
One night only, if only I could take you back and just show you off But I guess if I did that, the magic is lost Pre chorus:
E F# G Believe me I wanna stay
E F# G But I'm off and away
DHey, Good Morning
Watch the sun come up
GIt’s calling
I want another day with you
DHey, Good Morning
Watch the sun come up
GIt’s calling
I want just one more day with you Verse 2:
DYou and that red dress - What a pairing
I kept staring, you couldn’t have said less Cant let my head rest, thinking about ya, Really wanna look into your catwoman eyes
GTurn back time, cause it flies by
You know, them Marty mcfly vibes See, I can picture the bright lights Sights and night skies and boats go by
DI don’t why it happened so fast
When I tried to speak your language I'm happy you laughed Cause I’m hardly a linguist Spoke through kisses you didn’t speak English
GAnd It was hard to distinguish
Love at first sight or holiday romance? Don’t care I was lost in the moment I really shoulda missed that flight Pre Chorus Chorus Bridge:
E F# G I don’t think I could be dreaming I felt your touch
E F# G No I remember you breathing when I woke up
E F# G Now all I have are these memories I can't trust
E F# G Just one day, wont be enough
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