Exies – Genius tab

Song: Genius
Artist: The Exies
 Chord Progression: (tuned at 440hz)

Emaj Cmaj Amaj Dsus2*

Dsus2* chord (i think that is the nam, play it as shown)e|---0--|B|---3--|G|---4--|D|---0--|A|------|E|------|
Emaj Switch to Cmaj Amaj Dsus2* Strum Pattern for Verse: Down, Down, Down| Up, down, down| up, down, down| Up down time Emaj chord is played give urself at least one down stroke before singing*** Emaj Cmaj Amaj Dsus2* She's a wonderful wonder Emaj Cmaj Amaj Dsus2* She crashed down like a thunder Emaj Cmaj Amaj Dsus2* She arrives at the moment I leave Emaj Cmaj Amaj Dsus2* A battleground for when I bleed Chorus: (same as verse, except for strumming pattern) E C A Dsus2* I love my evil genius E C A Dsus2* Nothing can come between us E C A Dsus2* I'm in love with a genius Verse 2: Continue like above E C A Dsus2* My love is fearless I'm tempted by a strong weakness Strung out on beautiful charm She's the needle in my arm Chorus again She's gonna make the world go I can't escape her so I'll follow She's gonna make the world go 'round My evil genius makes my world go 'round
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