Exodus – Funeral Hynm tab

                          exodus - funeral hunm

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tunning - standard you will have to listen intro the palm mutin part cuz it' ssomthing like that 3x [-------------]-------------------------------------------------] [-------------]-------------------------------------------------] [--0---0------]---------------------------------0----0----------] [--0---0------]---------------------------------0----0----------] [----1---1/2--]-2-----------------------------------1----1/2----] [-------------]-0--222222-222222--22-22-22222-22----------------] P.M. ...... ...... .. .. ..... ..
this is like it but to be correct just listen to the cd
[--------------------]------------------------------] [--------------------]------------------------------] [-----0-0-----0-0----]----0---0---0----0---0---0----] [-----0-0-----0-0----]----0---0---0----0---0---0----] [---------2-2--------]--9---8---7---76---5---4---3--] [---------0-0--------]--7---6---5---54---3---2---1--] P.M. . .
thats all i will give you the rest really soon except for the solo its extreme its exodus though come great the reaper you know that time is nigh this is the day your reckoning time to die brave man spilling fear to the sound of my voice, say goobye to life so dear you dont eva have a choise. stay exodus !!!! thanx for redin my tab
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