Exodus - Whipping Queen tab


This is the very first tab I post on UG.
I have never seen a Tab of Whipping Queen in my life before, and therefore I "learned" 
by ear.
This is the first song I ever tried to learn by ear and I guess that it ain't no good.
But someone else maybe will complet it some day?
And I am not good at Guitar Pro at all, I had a hard time doing this.
I think this intro need more work. I just did this tab and thought I would post it here 
I won't forget it.
Rock on!

Q Q Q Q S S S E E S Q Q Q H QE||--7----5----7----8----|--5h-7p-5--------------------|---------------------|B||----------------------|----------7--5--7S-9----9----|--7----6--------L----|G||----------------------|-----------------------------|---------------------|D||----------------------|-----------------------------|---------------------|A||----------------------|-----------------------------|---------------------|E||----------------------|-----------------------------|---------------------|.
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