Exploited - Chaos Is My Life tab

The Exploited - Chaos Is My Life.

Hi there :) I thought I would tab 
another Exploited song. 

"Disorder,chaos anarchy.
Now that's fun." 

Riff 1

Riff 2
e|-----------------------------------|b|-----------------------------------|g|--5---------------5----------------|D|--5--7---2-2-2-2--5--7---2-2-2-2---|A|--3--7---2-2-2-2--3--7---2-2-2-2---|E|-----5---0-0-0-0-----5---0-0-0-0---| PM------- PM-------
e|-----------------------------------|b|-----------------------------------|g|--5---------------5----------------|D|--5--7---2-2-2-2--5--7--99999999---|A|--3--7---2-2-2-2--3--7--99999999---|E|-----5---0-0-0-0-----5--77777777---| PM-------
Riff 1 X 10 Riff 2 X 1 Riff 1 X 8 Riff 2 X 1 Riff 1 x 8 Riff 2 X 1 Riff 1 X 4 End Take care.
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