Exploited - Never Sellout tab

this is a kick ass song from the exploited if you want anymore tabs from them then feel 
to email me at ollie_12318@hotmail.com. and i'll post the tabs you requested on here, enjoy.

INTRO:e-----------------------|b-----------------------|g------5555------3333---| x4d-7777-5555-5555-3333---|a-7777-3333-5555-1111---|e-5555------3333--------|
VERSE:e-----------------------|b-----------------------|g------5555------3333---| x4d-7777-5555-5555-3333---|a-7777-3333-5555-1111---|e-5555------3333--------|=====PM=============
e---------------------|b---------------------|g-7777-10101010-------|d-7777-10101010-7777--| X2a-5555-8 8 8 8--7777--|e---------------5555--|
Drum and bass breakdown
The solo is too distorted to figure out,but the rest is 100% i think....correct it please if you can.
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